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Our Tours: What to Expect on a Taste Harlem Tour

Our tours are designed to make you feel as though you’ve always been a part of the Harlem landscape. Discover the rich history of the neighborhood while hanging out with the locals, noshing on typical Harlem cuisine and immersing yourself in the culture.

We don’t just watch the neighborhood as spectators; we live the neighborhood as its locals do.

Interactive Experiences

Unlike on most tours, you’ll never be asked to simply stand and listen to your tour guide. All our experiences are designed for you to interact with the material, locals and the neighborhood. You’ll feel like a Harlemite while exploring the neighborhood, noshing on local cuisine and feeling the rhythm of the neighborhood in your bones. Who knows, you might even get the opportunity to get up and dance, grab a spray paint can or belt out a gospel song yourself.

Our public tours include our Historic Faces and Places, Historic Food Stroll and Neighborhood Art Stroll.

Historic Faces and Places

Our architecture tour takes you past some of the neighborhood’s most stunning buildings. Discover the stories of some of Harlem’s most famous residents, including Bill Bojangles Robinson, Alexander Hamilton and Maya Angelou.

Historical Food Stroll

What better way to learn about a culture than through a unifying ingredient? Food! Our historical food stroll takes you through Harlem while taking your taste buds on an equally satisfying journey. Nosh on creamy macaroni and cheese, take a bite of crispy fried chicken and try a few new foods.

Neighborhood Art Stroll

Harlem is known for its black history — but did you know that the neighborhood’s history is equally steeped in its Jewish history? Discover the bonds the African-American and Jewish American community forged throughout the neighborhood’s history.

Want to immerse yourself even further in our neighborhood’s culture? Our private experiences take you even deeper into Harlem’s history and culture.

We can customize a private tour to fit your curriculum. Need some ideas? Tours could include our Historical Food Tours of Spanish Harlem, our Music Workshop or our Tour With Dance Workshop.

Historical Food Tour of Spanish Harlem

Why stop eating once you’ve noshed your way through Central Harlem? Spanish Harlem is full of Latin aromas, music and food.

Music Workshop

Learn the basics of hip-hop or gospel music in a two-hour immersive workshop. At the end of the workshop, you’ll emerge with a new love of your chosen musical style — and a CD of your glorious voices.

Tour With Dance Workshop

This three-hour experience starts with a neighborhood history tour. After you’ve learned all about the history of hip-hop, African or swing dance, you’ll learn a few basic moves yourself.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Tour Guides

Our guides are half the reason to take our tours! All our guides are engaging, funny and friendly. All our tours promote a high-energy environment, so it makes sense that our guides, drivers and speakers are equally entertaining.

Informative and Enriching

You’ll probably forget how educational our tours actually are! While learning about Harlem’s history, you’ll eat, sing and dance your way through the neighborhood.

We Create Tours for Every Group

We create tours specifically for school groups and corporate events. Is your class learning about the Harlem Renaissance? We can create a tour that brings your material to life! Want to help your co-workers bond with each other? We can create a team building activity that will bring your team closer together. Is your university getting ready to welcome its freshman class? Why not explore the neighborhood together?

We create immersive experiences for family reunions, networking, birthdays, field trips and alumni groups.

Neighborhood Immersion

You’re never going to simply walk past famous structures or visit Harlem like a tourist on one of our experiences. You’ll be completely immersed in the neighborhood — and enjoy Harlem like a local.

Don’t see an experience that strikes your fancy? We can create an experience to help you understand the history and culture of Harlem.

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