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25 Best Tours for Getting to Know New York City

“For most visitors to New York City, the city worth visiting stops north of central park. They have no idea what they are missing unless they cross 96th street. Harlem is an unique part of the city with fascinating history, architecture, and music as well as a mix of cultures and definitively interesting eateries. Taste Harlem walking tours will allow you to discover restaurants that range from classy places with white linen tablecloths to greasy spoons with delicious, finger-licking ethnic delights.”

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¿Dónde comer en East Harlem? Arte y gastro en El Barrio

Translation: Where to eat in East Harlem? Art and gastro in El Barrio

“You can visit without problem on your own. With local guides like those offered Taste Harlem, which will make a tour of the most interesting local as you tell your story and neighbors know that carry 70 years living in the same block, in the same house and resist being driven by New Yorkers who come up with more money looking for more space: they buy houses, throwing their former inhabitants and prices rise.”

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Live from New York!

“We’re having a great time in New York. First, there’s the New York Times Travel Show, with seminars and booths from all over the world. Lots of ideas. But that takes a back seat to the real glory-story of the city-so-nice-they-named-it-twice: the food.

I took my niece on a great food tour yesterday with our guide, Jacqueline Orange.”

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New Yorkot tényleg nem lehet megunni

“Nem vagyok híve a csoportos, idegenvezetős túráknak, különösen, ha azokat 40 fős buszokban bonyolítják le. De nem minden vezetett séta unalmas vagy közhelyes, kis kutakodással olyanokra is rá lehet bukkanni, amelyek valami egyedit, különlegeset nyújtanak. Több mint egy tucatszor jártam már New Yorkban, sőt két évig ott is éltem ösztöndíjasként, az alábbi három sétán mégis rengeteg újat tanultam.”

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